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Coaching for Hope

Streetwise Sports Association is currently funded by HSBC's Future First Project which is aimed at providing training and support to organisations dealing with the plight of street children and youth. Streetwise Sports Association serves as a implementing partner for Coaching for Hope as the funds are distributed through Coaching for Hope.Coaching for Hope is an international development programme that is using the power of football to create better futures for disadvantaged young people living in Africa. We are a programme of the international development organisation Skillshare International. Our programme uses the convening power of football to promote education, teach life skills, develop health and well being, build self -efficiency, and encourage social mobility.


Coaching for Hope enables organisations to use football as a means of developing boys and girls from disadvantaged communities by involving them in regular purposeful activity and teaching them leadership and life skills. We achieve this by training coaches and volunteers from community based organisations in the skills of coaching football to young people and in using football to teach life skills. Our training programmes are developed by experts from the fields of football, education, health and international development.

Coaching for Hope develop solutions that enable organisations to provide informal education using the medium of football addressing social issues that affect young people such as HIV/AIDS and Substance Abuse.

Coaching for Hope develop solutions that enable organisations to promote the human rights and social inclusion of marginalised groups such as orphans and vulnerable children, women and girls, people with a disability, people living with HIV/AIDS, people living in poverty, and people living with conflict.
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