Streetwise Sports


Streetwise Sport Association is an youth sport development organisation formed in 2009 in Cape Town and registered as a non-profit organisation in 2011. The core focus is youth development through soccer, mainly involving street children and youth in Cape Town.


The organisations flagship program is the Streetwise Football Academy, as it generates the most interest from the youth.
Streetwise Soccer Skills ( Youth)
The Streetwise Soccer Skills Program is the first step for homeless persons to take part in soccer activities, as anyone who has a desire to play soccer is welcome in the program irrespective of their discipline levels and attitude 
The targeted players are from various shelters, soup kitchens and institutions dealing with the plight of the homeless.
The StreetWise Coaching Development Program
The StreetWise Coaching Development Program was developed to assist youth that were identified from the StreetWise Soccer League program, to take the game of soccer a step further. The program comprises of basic soccer coaching and life skill development. This is done in the form of monthly workshops whereby each team will have their team leaders taking part in the basic soccer coaching and life skill sessions.